Dust off your rollerskates with Says Who? & DJ Vindictiv

Still have rollerskates lying around somewhere? Better go find them while you spin this new track by Says Who? & DJ Vindictiv. In the run-up to their debut album, the Middelburg-based producers now drop ‘Rollerskate’.

“This is just a little non-album giveaway,” explains Says Who?. “We’re both really into west coast hiphop as well as that old disco funk. You’ll hear influences of both genres in Rollerskate.”

This past Saturday, DJ Vindictiv first aired the song in his DJ set for Chase FM in Belgium. Now you can check out Rollerskate right here. The artwork was done by Nick Lubbersen.

Earlier this year, Says Who? and DJ Vindictiv were described as ‘New Dutch talent’ by Giel Beelen, a leading DJ on national Dutch radio. On his show Gieljazz he aired Oceans, a taster of the forthcoming album. For more exclusives, keep an eye out for Says Who? & DJ Vindictiv on Facebook!

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