NEW night of electronic jazzfunksoul – sat 19th of may @ Spoetnik, Vlissingen

We are excited to announce that Unicef Zeeland has put together a NEW night of electronic jazzfunksoul. It is being brought to you by Ma Baker’s Plastic Fantastic and is taking place on Saturday, 19th May at the Spoetnik Vlissingen.

Unicef presents: Ma Baker's Live Jam + DJ Vindictiv

A rotating group of 4/5 musicians will be on stage at any given time for the jam session starting at 20:00. The session will be led by Middelburg’s very own DJ Vindictiv, who will then go on to perform a DJ set afterwards!

DJ Vindictiv

Room I:
The bar and lounge area. Here you may laze in plush leather armchairs until your feet tell you to get up offa that thing, walk 500 miles, or put on some boots and refresh.

Room II:

The house that funk built. Room II is where DJ Vindictiv will be spinning and scratching. It is the jam station. The pickle district. Le district de Pickle. Whichever you prefer, it is where the focal point of the evening will take place.


20:00 DJ Vindictiv
21:30 Ma Baker’s Live Jam
22:30 DJ Vindictiv

**Tickets for the event cost €5. You can send us a message or write on the event page to request one before they become available!**

If anyone would like to perform/take part in the jam session, feel free to get in touch with either Rory Clarke or Louis Johnston.

NEXT EVENT: 1st June at Kaffee ‘t Hof!

We hope to see you on the dancefloor fo sho

More information: Unicef presents