Says Who? & DJ Vindictiv – Oceans

‘Oceans’, a soulful blend from The Netherlands

Music lovers, don’t miss out on this. Oceans is a beautiful track by Dutch producers Says Who? & DJ Vindictiv. It’s a taster of their forthcoming project, blending hip hop, afro, soul and jazz with raw electronics, crazy tempos, breaks and more experimental sounds.

From the US to Brazil and back
After the duo presented their Fremdvibes EP in 2010 and shared their little give-away Breezy pt. I & II last year, Oceans is a new step in the direction of their full-length album. It was released in January in cooperation with The Find Magazine.

Said DJ Vindictiv: “We are very happy to release this track together with The Find, always on point. So far we’re gretting great responses, from New York to São Paulo and back to The Netherlands, where for instance radio station Sublime FM already played it. Superb!”

It’s a free download
“Please feel free to share our music in any form,” Vindictiv adds. “Any kind of sincere support is welcome!” Get the mesmerizing Oceans for free on

Get to know more about Says Who? & DJ Vindictiv
To find out more about these illustrious producers hailing from Middelburg, Zeeland, read the accompanying interview:

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