Update time!

Hi There,

It’s been a while right? So let’s chat a bit.

Had a bunch of cool gigs this past summer solo and with Pieter Matthys & Sons Uniques.  Also did some stagemanagement work for festivals and ofcourse enjoyed the sun.

At the moment i’m doing some pre-production work for the new record we are working on. Pieter and i will do most of the production on the album,he asked me to work with him on it. The answer was yes…i feel honoured to be asked. It’s gonna be a dope lesson and trip.

Apart from that the homie SaysWho? and me are still putting in work for our album. It’s going great i must say…some real diversity is being created! Also some ideas on guestvocalists and musician’s is getting shape! Also working on a remix ep or whatever you wanna call it:-) Some beats are not gonna make it to the album. But are still very good for something like a remix project. Soon you will hear something new! An interview with TheFindMag has taken place and we will let you know when it goes up!

That’s it for now,,,i will keep you posted on more. Enjoy your weekend in a big way!

DJ Vindictiv


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